Network of the height that buy a ticket still can break down in the morning 10:15, in lab of system of passenger transport service, the reporter sees show an Internet, phone revises the data of real time statistic such as the ticket on tremendous electron screen. "You look, began to put a bill to more at 8 o'clock discount christian louboutin from the morning at present, bureau of railroad of two hours Beijing has sold through the network gave many pieces of 120 thousand bill. Current, carry out ticket orders whole Internet the Zhang Shu of total work off of the ticket has achieved six hundred and one thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven pieces, and the number changes in real time, the extraction of a second of peak value ticket number is 255 pieces. " Zhu Jiansheng of assistant buy discount louboutin boots director of institute of electron of Chinese railroad academy says, because arrived fastigium of carry out louis vuitton shoes red sole collection ticket, predicting the amount of carry out ticket that did not come 3 days can be spring since carry a few most days. The person that buys a ticket is much, can the system still appear like cheap christian louboutin last year break down? Be red bottom shoes for women aimed at the reporter's doubt, zhu Jiansheng says, "We drew the lesson last year, looked for the technologist such as college, network, civil aviaton to diagnose tegether together, from hardware and software to the system two respects undertook enlarge look is optimized, check in the pressure that high strength had before the National Day last year, we are right this year spring carry website moves smoothly to have hope very much. " it is card with data, on January 15, 12306 websites click a quantity to have 1.51 billion times, more highest than last year period much still, ticket of a day of carry out 2.65 million pieces, was last year day all makes work the ticket measures double much, the system still moves smooth. According to statistic, at present Internet orders a ticket to already occupied whole region to order a ticket nearly 40% . Latency time still is met very long last year spring during carry, a lot of people have such experience: Good red pumps not allow on Yi Denglu 12306, when buying a ticket, show however should louboutin queue up, often discharged very long show however " the ticket was done not have " , "Too pained! " netizens say in succession. Be aimed at this one problem, zhu Jiansheng explanation says, to the network program queueing up undertook optimizing this year. Did not limit the number that queue up namely last year, 1000 pieces of tickets may have 10 thousand people to come in queue up, not only latency time grows everybody, the odds that buys a ticket is small, still can cause a network to embrace slow. Pass now optimize, the website can adjust number queueing up in real time, show to the user below real time circumstance at present how many person has discharged advanced face, perhaps show had done not have more than ticket, such everybody need not use wasteful time to queue up, make other choice in time. And the odds that the passenger of the team on the platoon buys a ticket is very big, so whole it is better that the experience on the network can compare original feeling. Queue up to avoid what much fare goes up in Internet at the same time, the present time that put a bill is nodded 4 times from before relax 10 time paragraph, this also can be reduced to the pressure of network instant hit a lot of. The software that snatch a bill is useful really recently, on the network a lot of more arisen " the software that snatch a bill " , is this helpful really to buying a ticket? "Above all, the user is in when buying a ticket, must handle the software that snatch a bill cautiously, lest computer is toxic,produce belongings loss. Next, software ace grinds really issue the method that can grab a train ticket more quickly on the net, but this is inequity to other fare, we also studied relevant way in the light of these behavior, safeguard the fair sex that buys a ticket. Hope everybody uses the software that snatch a bill not blindly. " Zhu Jiansheng says. Interview when be about to end, website staff member also introduced network of a few action to buy ticket strategy for everybody: If buy the train ticket that is popular line, can consider a platoon to compare detriment banquet to fasten first, for instance hard wait, red bottom shoes the banquet such as the sleeper that goes buying sometime again is fastened. Relevant preparation work must have been done before buying a ticket, value the bill time of each railway station, want nimble to just may snatch a bill. If you were not bought red high heels when make out an invoice,also do not lose heart, because can network, phone orders the phenomenon of the return a ticket such as the ticket, total superabundant bill returns a net to go up afresh. Article origin: Responsibility of Chinese economy net edits: NN100
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